As you complete a cosmetology program, one piece of equipment you may consider investing in is a mobile shampoo bowl. It will allow you to cut hair on the go before you have your own spot at a salon, and you can use it at your salon spot in the future.

#1 Make Sure It's Mobile For You

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that any shampoo bowl that you are interested in purchasing is mobile for you. Just because it is labeled as mobile doesn't mean that it will be easy for you to carry around and move on your own based on your physical strength and build.

Make sure that you can comfortably carry the weight of the shampoo bowl and that the size is not too big for you to keep hold of. Keep in mind that if you are offering mobile hair cutting services, you may need to carry the shampoo bowl across long distances and up and down stairs, so make sure that it is a weight and shape that is conducive for longer hauls as well.

#2 Keep The Size In Check

Second, be sure that you keep the size in check. You need the shampoo bowl to fit in your vehicle. Make sure that the dimensions of the bowl will allow you to easily put it into your trunk or in the backseat of your vehicle. You don't what the size to be too awkward to chart around.

#3 Make Sure The Bowl Is Adjustable

Third, you should make sure that the bowl is adjustable. An adjustable bowl is important when you are taking your shampoo bowl to client's houses. This will allow you to adjust the shampoo bowl based on the set-up in your client's house. It will also allow you to adjust the shampoo bowl based on the size of your client.

Being able to adjust the size of your shampoo bowl will allow you to get more use out of it and will help ensure that you don't make a mess when using it.

#4 Increased Stability Is Key

Finally, make sure that the shampoo bowl is really stable. The best way to ensure stability is to make sure that the shampoo bowl has a lot of feet. The more feet the shampoo bowl has, the most stable it will be and the chance for the bowl tipping over when you are using it will greatly decrease.