If you love doing your nails and hair, you may be considering a career as a cosmetologist, in which you can offer the same services for other people. When you enjoy cosmetic treatments, this type of career can be very rewarding -- and in deeper ways than just satisfying your need to paint nails! Here are four rewarding aspects of a career as a cosmetologist.

1. You get to make people feel better about themselves.

You've probably experienced this yourself: you feel a bit down in the dumps, or sad, and you go to get your hair done. Suddenly, you feel empowered and wonderful again. When you work as a cosmetologist, you get to provide people with this rewarding experience! It's a great feeling to watch people leave your chair feeling empowered and excited. You'll enjoy hearing their life stories and cheering them up with conversation as you work on their hair or nails.

2. You can be self-employed.

Many cosmetologists start off their career working for someone else. However, if you so choose, you can eventually progress toward owning your own business. This is a very rewarding way to live your life, as you will get to set your own hours and make your own rules, rather than adhere to someone else's rules. To help with this ambition, you may want to take a few business classes or really ask a lot of questions about the business side of cosmetology when you are in cosmetology school.

3. You get to work with your hands.

Working with your hands can be very inspiring, since you physically see the results of your work. You won't sit there wondering what good your work has done, or what value your job really has. These things are very clear when you work as a cosmetologist, and that clarity can make your life a lot simpler.

4. You can continue to grow and change.

Many people enthusiastically enter a certain job or career, only to find it boring a few years down the road. This is unlikely to happen in cosmetology because it is such an ever-changing field. The styles are always changing, and there are always new products and services that you can explore! When you get bored with one style or process, you can add new ones to your service list, and suddenly your job will feel like new again. 

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